On-line pawn brokers

Is there any consumers out there that feel that http://www.borro.com use sharp practices.
Is there any one who feels they use underhand techniques to get your security at knock down prices only to sell them at huge margins.

Have you too had a bad experience with borro pawm / loans and want to share it

Please contact ron@borroloans.co we are nothing to do or associated with anyof the borro.com companies and do not want to be either.


About borroloans

We are an online survey company who are interested in any complaints or good news based around pawn brokers and online loan companies. We are not associated or part of in anyway what ever with www.borro.com as we feel they are using sharp practices and would like to create a database of consumers who feel the same.
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2 Responses to On-line pawn brokers

  1. Jenna Mlotkowska says:

    Wow http://www.borro.com have tried to take my security for pennies. I was dragged down to their offices and sold a load of old crap they offered a fraction of the value and it wasted time and money they are a rip off.


  2. borroloans says:

    Dear Jenna.

    I am sorry to hear about you unfortunate encounter with borro loans. I will email you seperately to get your online complaint survey filled in and I will send it to all of the appropriate authorities. As you are probably aware http://www.borro.com have a consumer credit lisense and as such are bound by compliance with the OFT. I will inform them on your behalf.

    Thank you for your valued input.


    The online complaints survey site.

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